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Born in Santiago de Chile, Eduardo Fett grew up in a multicultural family which has detected his great artistic sensitivity. His father, an art erudite amateur, encouraged him to study painting. Since his early age, Eduardo became interested in drawing, painting, and this passion for creation has never vanished.


When he was young, he took lessons from Peter Chen, a Chinese painter from in Santiago. Thanks to Chen, he initiated himself into classical method of Chinese ink painting, an ancestral discipline.
This meeting was artistic, but also human, because the man behind the professor was a captivating and charming person.


In 1986, he left Chile to settle down in the south of France, fascinated by the light and colors of Provence. It’s a revelation. This change of location is a major turning point in his career. Perfectly self-taught, he then experiments with different pictorial movements, to finally choose the abstraction which corresponds to his desires for freedom. Cy Twombly was one of the artists who influenced him.


Passionate about traveling, eager to discover other cultures and artistic trends, he traveled across Europe. He discovered black Africa, the Caribbean islands of San Andres and Sainte-Marguerite. Not forgetting his South American origins, he explored Chile with its Atacama Desert and land of fire, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


Everything he sees or hears feeds his painting. His sources of inspiration are multiple. Nevertheless, Eduardo has a predilection for nature and landscapes diversity. He is inspired by seasons, winter with its grazing light, summer with its color explosions and its splendid sunset. Music entered in Fett's life at the same time as painting. He found into music sensations and emotions which he slipped in small touches into his paintings. Inspiration is everywhere, permanent, and intense for him.


His works radiates a great energy. He captures the light with surprising themes, colors, perspectives, and volumes, in a style freed from visual reality and any model. His universe is infinite.


He regularly exhibits his works in galleries and art fairs like in Paris, Brussels, or Marseille. Today his artworks captivate art collectors around the world. Eduardo Fett always preferred shadow over light and therefore is never on center stage, but thanks to the diversity of his work, everyone can get to know him…


Being a reserved person by nature, Eduardo has always delegated to Elfriede Fett (his first cousin) the task of communicating about his painting. Her great artistic sensitivity, her taste for creation, materials, and colors, make her the worthy representative of Eduardo Fett. Recently settled in the United States, Mrs. Fett continues to support the artist, and above all wants to introduce this multi-faceted painter to American art lovers.

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Elfriede Fett Interior Design

Interior architect and designer for over 25 years in France, Frida Fett now continues her business in Miami, Florida. She offers its know-how for all renovation projects of houses, apartments, hotels or offices according to the requests of its customers.


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